Nevers Mumba Visits Funeral House of Zambian Teen Brutally Murdered

Opposition leader Nevers Mumba on Sunday visited the funeral house of a Zambian teenage girl who was brutally murdered to in what is suspected to be a ritual killing.

Dr Mumba is aggrieved with circumstances surrounding the death of Ruth Mbangu and is calling for justice to prevail in the brutal murder.

Ruth, a 19-year-old human resource student, was brutally murdered on Friday with her facial skin, eyes and ears removed.

Mumba visited the grieving family at their Emmasdale residence in Lusaka on Sunday encouraging them to remain strong and focus on God during a trying moment such as this.

According to the Zambia Daily Mail, Ruth’s naked body was discovered dumped near her home in Emmasdale, Lusaka, with eyes poked out and the skin of her face peeled off.

The deceased’s mother Victoria Mbangu, a widow, said Ruth, a second-year human resource student at the National Institute for Public Administration (NIPA), left home on Friday to visit her Uncle in Kabanana township.

Meanwhile, police in Lusaka have intensified investigations into the brutal murder of Ruth.

Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Dr. Solomon Jere says investigations to track down the assailants are on course following tips from members of the public.


  1. Prince Bill M. Kaping'a

    Good job doc!

  2. Fredrigo

    Wit her blood in yo hands..u’l never fnd peace till justice preveils..M.Y.S.R.I.E.P Ruth mbangu..

  3. Zambia is a christian nation

    The true gospel needs to be preached in Zambia in every province Mathew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-19. May the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ shine brighter and brighter over Zambia.

  4. Fredrigo

    Wit her blood in yo hands u wil nev fnd peac til justice fnds u..RIP RUTH MBANGU.

  5. Mwanambinyi

    And then you say the penalt should be done away with. These crimanals should caught and hanged!

  6. Forum for AGE Justice international

    We strongly condemn the killers of human beings. A person has a Right to Life; and this must be respected by all human beings. These killings in Ndola and Lusaka without killer been brought to book simply means the POLICE watchout. Have you been challenged or we add more months of security, protection and investigation skills at Lilayi and Kanfinsa. Really something need to be done. Look at Mbalasa in Kabwe road, and more bodies unidentified. This is a challenge for IG for Police. What will happen after trainings of youths at the National Service if today the Police fail this situation. As Zambians we are saying NO to killings and Satanisms. We are a Christian nation with respect to other briefs BUT not Satanism and witchcraft.

  7. Kanabesa

    Witj her blood in your Hands you will never have peace!!Gos what is this now?Doc I commend you for this spirit. Keep it Up.We are doing Our level best to bring them to book

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