Opposition Leader Criticizes President Sata’s ‘Secret Trips’ Abroad

The president of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) party Nevers Mumba has issued a statement today criticizing President Michael Sata for his habit of making undisclosed trips abroad.

As president of the country, Mumba said, Sata should realize that “his movements must be known to the people who voted him into power” regardless of the nature or circumstances surrounding the trip.

Mumba comments were made following news reports of a secret trip President Sata made to the United Kingdom over the weekend, and, allegedly, another trip to India to receive medical treatments.  He said President Sata’s behavior of sneaking out of the country leaves room for speculation among members of the public.

Pastor Mumba wondered whether the president was traveling on a private trip meant to meet stakeholders and friends as claimed by Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda or he was ailing and traveled to seek medical attention abroad.

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