President Sata Reportedly Unwell, in India for Treatment

Zambian President Michael Sata is reportedly in India for medical treatment after making a stopover in the United Kingdom, impeccable State House sources report.

The Zambian Watchdog reports today that Information minister Kennedy Sakeni, who is also government spokesperson, claimed President Sata was in the UK for a meeting with friends.

However, reports from State House are that Sakeni’s statement is a cover up for President Sata’s medical trip to India.

It is the second time the Zambian Head of State has traveled incognito for medical treatment to India. He left the country via UK last week on Wednesday.

The State House sources report that suggestions President Sata was in the United Kingdom was a cover up.

“The President passed through Britain enroute to India to avoid suspicion,” the source said.

It is still unclear what ailment President Sata is suffering from but his last visit to India in April 2012, again incognito, was in relation to a urological disorder.

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