Sata Hits Back at MMD Leader Nevers Mumba

Zambian President Michael Sata has not made any public appearance to conduct official duties for over seven days. Speculations are rife that the country’s leader is ailing and his recent ‘private’ trip abroad is attributed to medical attention.

The only time President Sata was head of in the last seven days was when he left for the United Kingdom enroute to India and his return from a so called private trip which insiders have confirmed was meant for medical attention.

However, the PF leader’s handlers have made his voice present to Zambians through written statements in an attempt to assure the country he is in good health and working in the background when in fact he is on recommended bed-rest.

Twice, President Sata has only issued statements – one based on rumours carried by his propaganda wing against former president Rupiah Banda on Friday and another – a response to MMD leader Nevers Mumba’s letter of July 11.

According to the government owned and PF controlled Zambia Daily Mail, President Sata has told Dr Mumba to stop distorting facts to cause confusion in the country.

The President said this in his response to a letter from Dr Mumba, regarding the appointment of nine opposition members of Parliament to deputy ministerial positions in the Patriotic Front (PF) government.

In a copy of a letter in possession of the Sunday Mail, Dr Mumba says the constitution allows the President to pick ministers from the opposition but that the appointing authority should do this in consultation with the opposition.

“In the event that you feel a particular MMD member of Parliament would be useful to your Government, what we expect is to communicate to the leadership of our party for such consideration, as the constitution does not restrict you in giving jobs to members of Parliament,” Dr Mumba says.

However, reacting to Dr Mumba’s letter in which he states that the PF intends to diminish democracy, President Sata said he would never turn his back on Zambians who offer themselves for public service, regardless of their political affiliation.

“It is frankly staggering to envision, let alone think that this dishonesty, deliberate distortion of facts and acute appetite to cause confusion in the governance of this country is emanating from yourself, a well-known man of the collar.

“Let me underline that my Government is determined to preside over the affairs of this country in a reconciliatory and inclusive manner,” President Sata said.

The President also reminded Dr Mumba of the role Government plays in moving the country forward, not to oppose for the sake of opposing which he said would be immoral.

MMD plans to expel all of its nine members of parliament that have traded their political office for inferior posts as deputy ministers in the PF administration.

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