Sata Booed at Lusaka Showgrounds, Fails to Tour Stands

Zambian President Michael Sata was on Saturday booed when he officiated at the annual agriculture and commercial show in Lusaka prompting security personnel to cancel a scheduled tour of stands.

President Sata, a populist politician of the ruling PF, ascended to the top office in the country about 10 months ago but failure to fulfill his campaign promises particularly within the 90 day period has caused a lot of discontent among Zambians.

Majority of showgoers are youths who supported Sata and came face to face with him on Saturday reminding him of the jobs and “more money in their pockets” he pledged.

A local television station – Muvi TV – captured Zambian youths booing President Sata and his entourage during the 86th agriculture and commercial show in Lusaka.

The youths said they were promised jobs which Sata had not delivered. They cried foul that the “more money in your pockets” slogan was also a fake promise that was not trickling down to the general populace.

President Sata had promised wholesale development within 90 days but none of his promises which were anchored on deceit have succeeded.

Instead of reducing the size of government, President Sata has made several tribesmen deputy ministers and for the first time in the history of the country, the Ministry of Home Affairs has three deputies.

Security personnel prematurely cancelled President Sata’s tour with his colleague President Robert Mugabe who was the guest of honour continuing with the programme.

Other sources, however, report that apart from the hostile reception from youths, President Sata’s health was also not good enough to see him round the stands.

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