When did Fred M’membe Become Hichilema’s Arresting Officer?

At about 10:00 hours this morning, opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema is expected to show up at the Lusaka Central Police or Force Headquarters for reasons best not to the Zambia Police.

Hichilema and his supporters, however, can still speculate that his invitation to the government “hostels” is in relation to a statement that President Michael Sata’s PF government was planning to send youths to train as militia in Sudan.

Fringe speculations suggest he will be questioned for apparently visiting Evelyn Hone College but it seems a seasoned lecturer Clayson Hamasaka has already paid the prize after being summarily dismissed.

And so the only reason Hichilema will be showing up before the police today after the Thursday rendezvous was aborted due to the Zambia Police’s unprofessional conduct at which tear gas was fired leading to the injury of UPND supporters and journalists is to fulfill the summons in relation to the Militia statement.

In any case, the PF propaganda wing – The Post – has already emphatically confirmed that Hichilema was invited by the police because of his PF-Sudan-Militia statement. His trip to Central Police or wherever is only academic.

There is a letter in public domain that later confirmed what The Post is dictating to the Zambia Police through Mutembo.

Before the police has charged Hichilema or even announce the same charge to his lawyers, only privileged arresting officers like Fred M’membe – the PF chief propagandist and Post owner – has already told the public the specific crime Hichilema has committed.

M’membe, like director of public prosecutions Mutembo Nchito who sometimes writes those editorial comments for him in The Post, is now taking over prosecution roles involving his real or perceived enemies.

In Friday’s edition of The Post’s editorial comment, M’membe states “Without proving through evidence that what he said about the Zambian government training militias in Sudan is true, Hakainde may be successfully prosecuted for causing to be published and broadcast false news with intent to cause fear and alarm to the public.”

What gives M’membe this confidence? This is not a coincidence. It is a well-calculated scheme of a group of deceivers. M’membe has studied both the Penal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code to on behalf of Mutembo Nchito to find the apparent appropriate charge to slap on Hichilema today.

But before slapping him with the charge, M’membe and Nchito went further to dangle a carrot in Hichilema’s face to politically cripple him through submission.

They drafted a letter to the UPND leader attempting to coerce him to script his own downfall which they would be using to get at him each time he issues a political statement.

M’membe wants Hichilema to apologise for the statement so that he could have enough ammunition to denounce him as a liar and a political mercenary that Zambians should not take seriously.

Fortunately, Hichilema was smart enough to realise the purported letter from the DPP was not genuine but a gimmick that was to mark the end of his vocal contribution to the many challenging problems Zambia is facing.

Now that Hichilema has rejected their scheme disguised as an “olive branch”, they are determined to take him on to court where they will present even paid witnesses from among PF youths.

It is actually surprising that M’membe who dedicated Friday’s editorial to demonising Hichilema over a statement that was amplified from PF general secretary Wynter Kabimba and intelligence information are now saints of the PF speaking on behalf on the government and saying identifying lies in others.

M’membe is so excited with Hichilema’s statement describing it as lies and wants him cursed but you have to be naïve to believe the propaganda wing he has turned The Post to be.

Some 12 months ago M’membe carried banner headlines about how his friend and pawn-for-President Michael would restore the Barotseland Agreement of 19964 within 90 days. This is just one of the lies. The list is endless and Zambians are talking about President Sata’s lies popularized by The Post.

There is documentary evidence even on youtube today showing how President Sata accompanied by M’membe’s auntie Inonge Wina lied to the people of Barotseland and Zambians in general over the agreement.

If M’membe has any morals left in his disgraced self, can he take on President Sata over the Barotseland lies in the manner he wants to demonise Hichilema. There are problems in Western Province which M’membe is aware of.

Look at the Constitution making process, look at the more money slogans, look at the windfall tax and look at the job creation. These were among the main campaign points but full of lies from the PF and The Post. Who must be cursed for lies between the alliance of Sata and M’membe and Hichilema?

It’s definitely Sata and M’membe that must be cursed and thrown into a pit of shame for the imminent destruction they want on Zambia. Now that M’membe can’t defend his lies of pre-election period in 2011, he has turned himself into an arresting officer.

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