UPND Welcomes Liato after Resignation from MMD

Former Labour Minister Austin Liato has resigned from the MMD to join UPND after the former ruling party asked him to relinquish the position of chairperson for labour affairs.

Liato was sentenced to two years imprisonment was being found in possession of K2.1 billion, money believed to be proceeds of crime.

He has however appealed against the court’s judgment to the High Court.

Last week, MMD president pastor Nevers Mumba announced that the party would soon be rebranding and asked all members who have been convicted of crime to step aside as part of the reorganization process for the party.

But Liato now says he has nothing to do with MMD because it was a party for jokers.

In welcoming Liato, UPND spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa said that Liato is an innocent man who was politically targeted by the PF government, who were unable to prove any wrongdoing.

Mweetwa said as far as the UPND was concerned, as Liato’s case is still before the courts of law.

“Liato’s case is before the courts of law, so it is quiet prejudicial for the party to deny him his constitutional right to belong to an association based on a matter that is pending in the courts,” Mweetwa said.

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