Police State: PF Sends Officers to Victimise UPND

The opposition UPND secretariat was Monday evening turned into something that looked like a sea of battle as a huge presence of Zambia Police stormed the Lagos Road in Lusaka’s Rhodes Park area to search for unknown material.

In what the ruling Patriotic Front is turning out as a police state, the officers had a wrong search warrant that did not state the reason for their visit.

UPND youths kept vigil and did not allow police officers due access to the premises of their office saying the PF government had intentions of planting incriminating objects and material in their pursuit of its leaders.

Lawyers representing UPND led by Sakwiba Sikota, Keith Mweemba and Martha Mushipe later came to learn in their conversation with the police that their mission included a search for seditious material.

This comes a few days after home affairs minister Edgar Lungu had ordered police to search for the source of a document showing the nepotism and tribalism being practised by the PF government.

But the UPND leadership has branded the police attempt to search their premises with a wrong warrant as a bid to intimidate them.

The party leadership has vowed to fight any form of intimidation saying Zambia was not a police state where political parties would be cowed into admission of dictatorial traits being espoused by the President Michael Sata’s leadership.

Last week, police also arrested UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and charged him for causing publication of statements that had potential to cause public alarm when he accused the PF of allegedly planning to train Militia in Sudan.

The PF is vilifying its opponents through threats, trumped up criminal charges in an attempt to create a one party state.

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