President Sata Disrespects Evangelicals, Says Mumba

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) President Nevers Mumba has accused President Michael Sata of disrespecting and neglecting the Evangelical movement and Pentecostal churches.

Speaking during a press briefing at the party’s secretariat today, Mumba accused the PF government of lucking a deliberate policy that would incorporate the Church in its governance.

“The President has no regard or respect for the evangelical movement and that is why he calls the evangelical movement leaders self-ordained pastors and bishops which is very derogatory and actually an act that should not be encouraged because it borders on God and his ministries. PF has started to roll out the programme to deregister many Pentecostal Churches and remove those who use government school facilities for their services,” he alleged.

And Mumba said there was nowhere in the world where police brutality against the opposition had ever succeeded.

“The government should not use the police and security wings to beat both the opposition and citizens into submission, as this is a trademark of dictatorship. We want to emphasize that there is a way of solving political problems for PF. We find it difficult that the PF has resorted to depending on the police to solve the problems that confront our country…We propose that this government starts to learn the art of dialogue. There is nowhere in the world where police brutality against the opposition has ever succeeded,” he said.

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