Zambian Mining Town Riots over Satanism Continue

A second day of riots erupted in the Zambian mining town of Chambishi where four people were burnt to death for alleged involvement in satanism.

Resident of Zambia township in Chambishi, about 400 kilometres north of the capital Lusaka, continued with their riotous behaviour in the early morning hours of Sunday and burnt a market.

The irate residents also advanced towards the mine township, shattered windows to a shop called CB and attempted to loot goods but quick action by the police quelled their attempts.

A check by the Daily Mail crew in Zambia township found charred remains of wooden stalls at the market which was set ablaze around 01:30 hours and a burnt shop belonging to Reuben Nkandu, one of the four men killed on suspicion that he was involved in ritual killings.

Upon being spotted in the area, the Daily Mail crew was immediately mobbed by residents who accused police officers in Chambishi of allegedly corruptly releasing individuals involved in ritual killings and vowed to continue rioting until their 110 colleagues are released from Kamfinsa Prison.

There have been suspected ritual killings and a wide spread of evil occurrences in Zambia recently with police also recording road fatalities of over 900 people since January 2012.

Source: Zambia Daily Mail

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