High Court Upholds Expulsion of Renegade MMD MP Serving PF

The Lusaka High Court has upheld the expulsion of MMD Mufumbwe Member of Parliament Steven Masumba from the former ruling party.

Judge Chalwe Mchenga threw out Masumba’s petititon to restrain MMD from expelling him because it lacked merit and the action to expel had already been taken by the party.

North Western Province MMD had demanded that Masumba should be expelled from the party because he had switched allegiance after he accepted a job in the PF government.

They warned the party ‘would go to sleep’ if Mr Masumba was not expelled from the party. Consequently the party expelled Masumba.

But Masumba who is Local Government Deputy Minister took the matter to the High Court and challenged MMD that it could only expel him if it had proof for the allegation levelled against him..

He said that the party was acting out of desperation because he was working with the current PF government.

Masumba, the MP for Mufumbwe, has recently been campaigning for PF and its president Michael Sata while parading in the ruling party’s regalia while touting the MMD, a ticket on which he found a seat in parliament.

Source: Daily Nation

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