First Lady Shocked by Deplorable Conditions at UNZA

During a visit this week to the University of Zambia (UNZA), First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba said she was shocked at the accommodation situation at Zambia’s highest learning institution, where students often take turns to sleep on the beds due to congestion.

Due to a lack of funding, the facilities at UNZA have deteriorated rapidly over the past number of years, prompting sometimes violent protests.

And Dr Kaseba says there is still a shortage of medical doctors in the country. During a careers Expo in Lusaka yesterday, Dr Kaseba said it was not healthy for students to take turns to sleep on a bed while in university.

She appealed to the corporate world to help build more hostels at the University of Zambia.

And Dr. Kaseba said money should not be the main focus for medical doctors who graduate from the institution.

“It is clear that the doctors that we have at the moment are overburdened. You, young people here should consider becoming doctors when you complete school so that the country can have many doctors,” Dr Kaseba said.

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