ZCTU’s Praise for PF Unmerited

Any average or sensible Zambian can testify that the Patrotic Front (PF) government has fulfilled few, if any, of its campaign promises during their first year in office.

So it comes as a great surprise to hear the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) Secretary General Roy Mwaba, who gushes with enthusiasm over the PF’s stewardship, praising them for an “impressive” performance thus far.  It’s worthwhile for us to examine Mr. Mwaba’s claims and whether or not they measure up to the facts.

Mr. Mwaba said the PF government awarded civil servants a 15% salary hike this year. He argues that this figure is unprecedented for many decades because civil servants got accustomed to paltry salary increments.

He said the PF was making long strides in agriculture, health and education.

The ZCTU General Secretary must be either living in a different country than Zambia or he has turned himself into an unsolicited mouth piece for the PF.

How can a man who represents millions of oppressed and underpaid workers in Zambia make such a statement that has no basis?

Has Mr Mwaba forgotten that recently, President Michael Sata and his collection of incompetent ministers already awarded themselves a 100% salary increment? This is beside their hefty allowances and other emoluments that they are entitled to.

Has Mr Mwaba forgotten that all the towns in Zambia are basking with swarms of street vendors. Is he also not aware that joblessness is increasing in Zambia and that the people, who were promised jobs, low taxes and more money in their pockets have actually experienced a deterioration in these aspects?

We would like to remind Mr Mwaba that hundreds of farmers across Zambia have sold the crop of cotton to ginners at a giveaway price. We would also like to alert Mr Mwaba that peasant farmers are stuck with heaps of maize that the Food Reserve Agency has failed to buy.

On the political front, Mr Mwaba seem not to be aware that the only contribution the PF government has shown towards the Zambia’s democracy is the continuous cracking on opposition parties and critics of the government.

The president has been insulting clergymen and other members of the church. Mr Sata has attacked Zambia’s diplomatic relations with foreign countries when recently, he slurred ambassadors when told them to stop conferring with him at State House.

These are some of the matters that Roy Mwaba must take into account before uttering a senseless statement, which unfortunately, he did on behalf of the civil servants.

We would like to believe that Mr Roy Mwaba made the statement about the purported PF impressive performance in his own capacity as a citizen of Zambia.

If he did that as the substantive General Secretary for the ZCTU, then he wants to turn the trade union into an appendage of the PF.

We understand that many people in the private sector, civil service and trade unions are strategizing and positioning themselves for jobs in the PF government, but integrity and fairness must be attached to these endeavors because there is credibility that has to be preserved.

The PF government has spent most of its time attacking opponents at the expense of delivering to the people. This is what Mr Mwaba must address.

Does Mr Roy Mwaba take Zambians to be so gullible since he wants to make everyone forget that not so long ago, under the MMD regime, he was among the top trade unionist who attacked Mr Sata and the PF party itself?

We want to believe that Mr Mwaba is not a serious man worth the position that he occupies at the ZCTU. He is a fli-flop. He is not stable. He has behaved like someone who has taken leave from his senses. He does not consult his ZCTU executive before he utters a public statement.

Therefore, Mr Roy Mwaba must take leave take a retreat and seriously focus on the matters that we have raised herein. He seem to be myopic and oblivious of the so many ills and mistakes that the PF continues to impose on Zambians hitherto.

The ZCTU is a very big institution that dates back to many decades and it is a shame for Mr Roy Mwaba to stoop the integrity and credibility of the institution so low.

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