University Students Protest Government Censorship of Radio Station

University of Zambia (UNZA) students have taken to the streets to demonstrate against the government’s decision to restrict the broadcasting permit to the campus radius.

The decision to drastically reduce UNZA Radio’s frequency was announced by Permanent Secretary for Information Amos Malupenga last week, which virtually reduces the broadcasts to the university campus.  The move was widely perceived as an act of censorship taken against the station as punishment for having featured interviews with opposition figures on the airwaves.

Following orders from the government, the Zambia Information, Communications Authority (ZICTA) reduced the radius transmission of UNZA Radio from 1000 watts to 260 watts.

This morning students blocked Great East Road while carrying placards denouncing the PF government and Amos Malupenga, the former managing editor of the pro-government Post Newspaper, in particular.

UNZA radio has in the past featured many civic and political leaders including President Michael Sata as an opposition leader in part of the university’s training.  Prior to the restriction, the radio covered greater Lusaka and surrounding areas.

Its restriction in broadcast radius is tantamount to closing it.

The PF government has been very critical of opposing views in the country.

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