Sata Calls for Unity

President Michael Sata has passionately appealed to Members of Parliament to work together in fostering development in all the 150 parliamentary constituencies in the country.

In his remarks just before he opened the second session of the eleventh National Assembly today, President Sata said while MPs were enjoying good facilities at parliament in Lusaka, they should not forget to address challenges facing their electorates in constituencies.

He said only hard work and cooperation would help trigger satisfactory provision of people’s needs in the country.

President Sata said such development enhanced by Members of Parliament that work together with government.

President Sata has since asked MPs to frequently visit their constituencies to acquaint themselves with problems which people in their constituencies face.

“Here we are in a very air conditioned place but our people do not enjoy such facilities,” he said.

President Sata observed that MPs that would not frequently visit their constituencies risk serving only one five year parliamentary term in the National Assembly.

And President Sata has called for a stop to political and electoral violence during by-elections.

He said Zambians, regardless of their political party affiliations, should live as one because they were virtually brother and sister.

He said politics of violence should be a thing of the past noting that all political parties contesting in by-elections should co-exist.

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