Sata Turns National Assembly Address into Theatre with Meaningless Jokes

President Michael Sata today addressed the National Assembly inundating his speech with some meaningless jokes.

Some commentators have previously referred to President Sata as Ukwa, a Nigerian actor whose real names are Nkem Uwoh, for his comical posture on important national issues.

Today, he was not any different. In what some would translate as a derogatory reference to his labour minister Fackson Shamenda, President Sata jokingly asked opposition MMD MP Catherine Namugala not to abbrevate his first name to pronounced as “fuck”.

There was no major policy pronouncement as Sata gave history of parliament during the One-Party Rule of Kenneth Kaunda and his behaviour as a backbencher in parliament.

President Sata even forgot that he had once told Zambians he had a degree when he said you don’t need degree but immediately realized his boob and corrected that he had obtained one from an American university.

The PF leader, who initially supported freedom of expression, a fundamental human right, had a different message.

‎”I also want freedom of expression, if you over express we express on you. The same way we gave you the licence that’s how we will take it away,” President Sata said in direct reference on information permanent secretary Amos Malupenga’s order to reduce the radius for UNZA Radio which almost sparked riots.

President Sata’s overrall speech was best suited for a comedy show than the National Assembly, where ordinarily, he was expected to provide policy direction but trivalised his speech.

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