Nevers Mumba Chides President Sata on Kitwe Tour

The opposition MMD president Nevers Mumba says the Patriotic Front has lost credibility following its failure to fulfill promises made to the people prior to the September 2011 general elections.

Mumba is saddened that President Michael Sata in his speech to parliament did not even attempt to explain or apologize to Zambians for failing to fulfill the 90 day pledges. He charges the PF has done more politics than governance.

He says there is no reason Zambians should believe in the PF because their credibility has been eroded.

On President Sata’s call to opposition to work together with government to foster development, Mumba is asking President Sata to clarify his statement.

He says President Sata and his people should first show respect to the opposition before getting the chance to work together.

Mumba was in Kitwe yesterday where he visited residents of Zam-Tan Township whose illegal structures were destroyed in the early hours of last Wednesday by Kitwe Court Bailiffs working with Bukumo Multipurpose Cooperatives.

Source: Flava Fm

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