PF Pressing for Kaingu’s Expulsion From Parliament for Tearing Sata’s Speech

Opposition MMD vice-president Michael Kaingu, who recently shredded to pieces President Michael Sata’s speech in Parliament, is now facing contempt charges which may attract a suspension.

But the ruling Patriot Front is pressing for Kaingu’s expulsion from the House but is in limbo on which law to apply.

The Mwandi Member of Parliament assumed the spotlight when he tore President Sata’s speech in the House of laws contending it was different from the one the Head of State presented.

President Sata, in his usual call-boy style inundated his presentation with a series of jokes, but when his written and prepared speech was distributed it became apparent the PF leader had largely veered off the script.

When Kaingu was called to debate Sata’s written speech, he tore it into pieces, arguing he was at pains to establish what to be discussed between the two presentations and therefore got rid of the written one because it was improperly presented to the House.

He was immediately ejected from the House by the PF aligned Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini and is receiving a lot of condemnation from President Sata’s supporters.

PF’s director of media and publicity Chanda Mfula has been calling for the expulsion of Kaingu.

Sources say Speaker of the National Assembly Matibini is working towards the suspension and eventual expulsion of Kaingu from Parliament.

“It has never happened in the history of the National Assembly and there are no precedents to that effect, so the most likely penalties will be contempt of the House or gross misconduct but the PF is calling for his expulsion,” the source said.

But it is almost impossible to expel Kaingu from parliament because he was neither elected by the Speaker nor the PF and that decision may pose a huge challenge in the administration of the House which through Matibini is controlled by PF and its media allies.

“That [expulsion] cannot happen because a member of parliament is elected by the people who have given him or her the mandate to come to the assembly. We are wondering what law the PF will enforce against Kaingu that will see him out of the House,” he said.

According to Chapter 12 of the Laws of Zambia and the National Assembly powers and privileges Act, Kaingu’s case would be handled by the Privileges, Absences and Support Services Committee.

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