Namboole to Host Uganda’s Golden Jubilee Prayers 5-Day Before Zambia Match

The issue of the state of the Namboole turf ahead of Uganda’s Nations Cup match against Zambia, is again a source of debate.

Namboole stadium will five days to the decisive Nations Cup qualifier host overnight prayers.

Uganda Jubilee Network headed Dr. James Magara, paid Namboole sh70m for prayers to commemorate Uganda’s golden jubilee.

Soccer fans are however worried that the big crowd expected could mess up the field as is usually the case when the stadium hosts such functions.

Such a mishap would threaten the stadium’s chances of hosting the continental fixture.

The Zambia Football Federation recently wrote to Africa soccer governing body CAF complaining about the state of Namboole.

With picture evidence, Zambia told CAF how Namboole was in a terrible condition to host the fixture, a statement Uganda’s soccer governing body FUFA dismissed.

The poor state of the pitch last week had the stadium’s management suspend all activities on the ground in a bid to ensure the field is in a good state by October 13 – the day of the overly anticipated clash.

But Parity Twinomujuni, who has been acting Namboole Sports Complex CEO, dismissed fears that the playing ground will during the prayers be messed up.

Namboole chairman Dan Tamwesigire also assured there will be crowd control.

“We have put measures in place to ensure that the crowd does not come anywhere near the field or track,” explained Twinomujuni.

He said the big crowd expected will be limited to the stands.

There will also be security and barriers to ensure people don’t wander onto the field.

Twinomujuni added that in an effort to ensure that the field is ever at its best, a decision was recently reached that only football matches be allowed on the field.

“We have spent a lot on this field. We wouldn’t want it messed up. There are machines like sprinklers that can be spoilt by crowds.”

Various forms of concerts and festivals have in the past been staged on the field leaving it in a terrible state.

Source:New Vision Uganda

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