Defence Minister Offers To Step Down Over Corruption Scandal

Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) has offered to step down from his position if th President feels it will help the investigative wings probe him fearlessly.

Speaking on Radio Mano of Kasama where he is an area member of parliament today, Mwamba some people had started a fight against him and should prepare for his reaction because he will not allow the anyone including the media to tarnish his reputation and that of his family.

GBM said he was aware that divisions had emerged in the ruling party, Parliament and Cabinet bent on maligning and accusing him of corrupt practices.

Springing to the defence of himself and his family he said: “My wife and children are not politicians they are free to do business. They have tendered for different contracts of which they have lost some and won some. So why should a small contract of Zesco poles become an issue?

“I have been doing business through different administrations including that of late president Mwanawasa, RB (Rupiah Banda) and I have never been labelled corrupt.”

He said his money was already made when he decided to join active politics and some of it was from his business interests in Kasama.

Citing the law in his defence of his involvement in business deals, he said there was no law preventing him or any of his family members from doing business in a competitive environment.

He alleged that the people fighting him and giving him malicious labels were unelected individuals who had wormed their way into Patriotic Front (PF) through the back door.

Earlier on the special radio programme, Mr Mwamba addressing his constituents warned them that the unelected individuals he had earlier made reference to and other factions had begun campaigning to take over from President Michael Sata and were the ones calling him corrupt.

He however, pledged his allegiance to Mr Sata calling himself the president’s trusted lieutenant who had unwavering support for the head of State.

“When we were campaigning who was coming with Mr Sata here (Northern Province where were they)?,” he asked in reference to the people he accused of trying to hijack the PF.

When asked if there was any truth in the rumoured silent war between him and PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba he responded that he would not talk about Mr Kabimba but was ready to answer any questions directed at him personally.

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