Kaingu Apology Over Shredding Sata’s Speech Meaningless to Speaker, Gets 2-Weeks Suspension

MMD vice-president Michael Kaingu this morning apologised for shredding President Michael Sata’s speech to pieces but got not mercy from Speaker of National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini.

Dr Matibini, a PF ally imposed on the ruling party by Post owner Fred M’membe, today issued marching orders to Kaingu.

Giving the orders this morning, Dr Matibini said the action by the parliamentarian was against the decorum of National Assembly.

“Your action was unacceptable and against the decorum of this house, it is my undesired duty to ask you honourable MP for Mwandi to leave the chambers immediately through the main entrance.

“I also wish to inform you that in accordance with section 28, you will receive no salary or allowance. You will not be allowed to participate in any business or activities in your capacity as member of parliament,” he said.

Before leaving parliament, Kaingu apologized to the house and the President for his action.

“In my personal capacity as MP, I unreservedly apologise for tearing the president’s speech on Tuesday 25th September. I further apologise for appearing on Muvi to justify my action.

“I have realized that my action was not in accordance with the decorum of the house and I also wish to apologize to the President and the Zambian people.

“I also wish to inform you Mr. Speaker that in future I will avoid protesting in the manner that I did,” Kaingu said.

Two weeks ago, Kaingu tore President Sata’s speech saying the document was meaningless to the Zambian people because the head of state did not read from it.

President Sata presented a speech that was flooded with jokes and draws a distant line with what was contained in his written speech that Kaingu tore apart.

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