MMD, UPND MPs Walk-Out Forcing PF Cadre Speaker Matibini to Suspend Business

Zambian Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini was Tuesday evening forced to suspend business in the House of laws after over 80 opposition Members of Parliament representing opposition parties UPND and MMD walked-out in protest.

The oppositions MPs are frustrated with the unprofessional conduct of Dr Matibini who is clearly showing his political affiliation after being imposed on PF by President Sata’s chief propagandist Fred M’membe.

Dr Matibini, a media law specialist and former High Court judge, owes his way to Parliament to his friend M’membe and has poorly been handling parliamentary proceedings to impress the defacto appointing authority.

On Tuesday, he kept frustrating UPND and MMD MPs from freely debating and the opposition representatives were angered.

At about 18:30, MP’s Maxwell Mwale had rose on a point of order which Matibini ignored and climaxed the oppositions’ frustrations.

“That point of order was one of the many that MPs had demanded but Matibini continued to ignore,” the source said.

The already upset parliamentarians walked out and the House could not proceed as it could no longer form a quorum to deliberate on any issue.

Dr Matibini was left with only about 60 PF MPs in the House and deliberations were suspended.

“Matibini is being childish and if he continues like this, this will be one of the worst
parliamentary sessions in the history of Zambia,” a source from the house said.

A few days ago, MMD MPs walked out after similar frustrations but their counterparts in UPND remained behind although proceedings even that time were suspended.

The MPs say both immediate past Speakers Robison Nabulyato and Amusa Mwanamwabwa may have been fielded by ruling parties but were non-partisan in their administration of the House.

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