Copperbelt University Students Riot

Students at Zambia’s second public University on the mineral rich Copperbelt in Kitwe on Monday night rioted for unpaid meal allowances.

The students matched from the campus on to Jambo Drive which they blocked with stones, logs and burning types.

This is one of the many times students at CBU and UNZA have resorted to street protest to press the PF government to meet their needs.

Before going on a long term recess, the University of Zambia recorded an unprecedented number of riots on more than four occasions within a three months.

The students protested for various reasons included delayed opening of the institution due to a lecturer and management stand-off, meal allowances, UNZA radio intimidation and premature closure to allow for renovations for the Zone Six Games.

On the Copperbelt, the students were chanting anti PF government slogans as they protested over the delayed payment of their meal allowances.

The students condemned the bursaries committee for ineffectiveness in dealing with the student’s allowances.

The students were due to be paid their meals allowances last week on Friday.

The students were kept at bay by the police who were in full riot gear at the entrance of the University.

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  1. nshendi

    That’s what happens when you expect too much from people who have never been to University.when graduating you should also be given merit certificate of violence & public disorderly conduct

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