Newspaper Editor Considers Defamation Suit against Defence Minister

Recent political infighting among two figures of the ruling Patriotic Front party may land in civil courts, as Post Newspaper editor-in-chief Fred M’membe is reportedly considering bringing a suit against Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

After weeks of negative articles alleging corruption by the defence minister, Mwamba said in an interview that “M’membe wants to decide who becomes president of Zambia.”

A reliable source at the newspaper disclosed that the CrossFire programme aired on Blog Talk Radio on Tuesday angered M’membe who immediately engaged prominent Lusaka lawyer Lubinda Linyama to take legal action against GBM.

The source said M’membe yesterday held a private meeting with Lawyer Linyama of Erick Silwamba and company who is believed to be his relation.

“It seems he was consulting on the same because the two held a meeting at M’membe’s office.

And today The Post twisted Mwamba’s Blog Talk interview and accused the defence minister of entering politics to expand his business.

During the interview, Mwamba said he joined politics because he wanted to be closer to people in government.

But othe newspaper run a provocative headline on its front page today saying: “GBM SAYS HE ENTERED POLITICS FOR BUSINESS”.

The story says GBM wanted to make his business successful, hence his decision to join politics.

The Post Newspaper has unofficially taken the side of Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba, who has been pushing to take over control of the party.  Mr. Kabimba faces his own corruption allegations.

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