Masebo Pokes Fun at Kaingu over Iris, Announces President Sata’s 2016 Bid

Zambia’s minister in charge of tourism Slyvia Masebo has taken a jibe at MMD vice-president (politics) Michael Kaingu asking him to concentrate on his “poor daughter Iris who was suffering” after a conviction for producing ponographic materials.

Iris, 21, spent two days in a congested Lusaka Prison popularly known as Chimbokaila after she was convicted on Monday on grounds that the material in question was illegal and capable of corrupting morals.

The former ZCAS accounting student however walked to freedom on Thursday when Lusaka magistrate Prince Mwinga fined her K10 million in place of a custodial sentence of up to 5 years.

But Masebo, the Chongwe member of parliament, who crossed from MMD to PF six months before the September 2011 elections took the opportunity to rejoice in Iris’ misery to get at the father Kaingu on the political front. Kaingu has more than one daughter one of whom is a qualified lawyer while others run his businesses.

The former Lusaka City deputy mayor, whose morality record is as bad as bankrupt following a string of unofficial but well-known extra-marital affairs with prominent officials like the justice minister Wynter Kabimba and information permanet secretary Amos Malupenga among others, attempted to portray sainthood when responding to Kaingu’s meeting in Livingstone recently.

Kaingu was recently in Livingstone where he addressed a successful MMD meeting which unsettled the PF leadership forcing Masebo, who was on official government duty, to stop over and do some damage control.

Kaingu, the Mwandi law maker from Western Province, had threatened to bring dried fish and cabbages to sell on the streets of Livingstone since the PF government had failed to create the jobs they promised but had allowed the escalation of street vending.

This message did not go down well with the PF whose leadership in Livingstone is engaged in a power struggle not different from the one at national level involving defence minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and his justice counterpart Kabimba.

According to the PF propaganda wing – The Post Newspaper -Masebo, who was briefed about the infighting over the provincial youth, women and chairmanship positions said the differences created weaknesses in the party, allowing opposition politicians like Michael Kaingu to take advantage.

“You even allow finished politicians who do not have a political future to talk rubbish just because you are disorganised. I did not want to respond to Kaingu’s statement. I’m above that but he used it because there is a vacuum in Livingstone. He threatens to become a vendor by bringing dry fish from Mwandi. Why can’t he take that to his poor daughter (Iris) who is suffering?” asked Masebo.

She also announced that President Michael Sata will contest the 2016 elections and no one should start destabilising the PF by campaigning to be party president.

This was in an apparent reference to Mwamba popularly known as GBM and Kabimba who have quietly declared their presidential aspirations and are already campaigning owing to President Sata’s ill health that may hamper his 2016 intentions for a second term.

Masebo, who has since been appointed chairperson for elections in PF by his ‘man-friend’ general secretary Wynter Kabimba, admitted that there was instability in the ruling party.

“Infighting is destroying us. Who said President Sata is not standing in 2016? He is standing. It is only God who can decide that he shall not stand. Even me as MP member of parliament, I have plans for 2016. How would I feel if I hear that someone is campaigning for 2016? We don’t want to hear that people are campaigning for president. If you are campaigning for an individual, then you are against the President,” she said.

Masebo said only one with a mental problem would start looking at 2016 presidential elections in the PF when President Sata was just few months in office.


  1. mk

    It is unfortunate that a mother entrusted with ministerial power can think like that. Are we to conclude that she is as retarded as her bastard son sired with Wynter and currently enjoying tax payers’ money in Japan?

  2. paxi kays

    why can’t masebo just concentrate on working & making us see what their government is doing but she is busy making mockery of kaingu’s daughter (iris).
    kaingu had a point they promised us jobs some of us are educated & we have papers but what are they doing allowing us to start businesses on the streets.
    wish i didn’t vote

  3. TRoP

    That’s a very unprofessional way of reporting. Be ethical, you come out as if you are bitter. If The Post are partisanN don’t take their stance.

  4. Beleg

    It was not necessary to mock the young girl, Masebo should have made the point without going for cheap sensationalism.

  5. KMC

    Ba mayo Ba Silvia .You are worse than Iris.Where did you throw Dick after that lovely wedding with a chain of BMWs.You milk him out of his cash,join politics and prostitute both politically and otherwise and now want to jump on Iris.Leave her alone.She just found herself in a misjudged act.Besides Iris is not a whore whilst you are and believe me the whole town knows that.Shut up b$$$ch.

  6. JCB

    Typical of not only a political prostitute…..we’ll,l a research as only reviewed that monkeys and hyenas are not good love makers. Sil try the opposition….SUPER!

  7. Chita

    Silver, Cake Linston mayor girl!

  8. taliban

    Iris is even better than masebo to me..atase..how many men have you allowed under there..?

  9. Chipwete

    Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones! From a super bitch to an unfortunate misguided upstart? Masebo, Kabimba, Malupenga………………………….? I have lost count, Sylvia! By the way, you don’t look too well! What’s the matter? Heartache, perhaps? Boy, I hate scumbags!

  10. Chairman - Kasama Boys

    More Truvada! I guess

  11. Blago

    Masebo is a retarded idiot! How does Masebo pick up a fight against a 21 year old girl. What has Iris done to her?
    As indicated here Masebo could be 100 times worse than Iris.

  12. Bob

    Masebo is slowly becoming mentally tormented by her reported sexual relations with several men. Just how does she feel having been laid by different men? She must grow up and live like a mother now that at least age has defied her as she has continued to grow despite her resistance.

  13. gucci nana

    masebo hd evry rty 2comment on wat kaingu said..whoz kaingu 2b feared wen hez jus a morally bankrupt imbecile who cnt control hs home,hez nt fit enulf 2evn b a law maker wen hez failing 2bring hs sex maniac of a dota under control.bloggers get a life.ant to all the haters of sata,pf n masebo to u isay hug a transformer or jump on a moving train.we r in power n threz nothing u cn do abt it.

    • umuntu

      u are a fool, how could you say such a thing about Iris, masebo had no right to talk like that about the poor girl. If she has something to say let her directly address kaingu not his innocent daughter.. keep Iris out of your stupid politics… aaaalaaaa…..

  14. Nomakanjani

    after reading all the comments am wondering who is a fool here the writer of the article who was bias, the childish and impolite contributions by most of you and the two being discussed. Sober contributions are what we need no wonder this country never moves anywhere.

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