Zambia Finds ‘Serious’ Engine Fault in Emirates Plane

Transport minister Christopher Yaluma says the Emirates airbus plane that made a u-turn to Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on October 22, 2012, 30 minutes after takeoff had its left engine severely damaged.

Yaluma has told Parliament in a ministerial state that the plane flight number EK 714 to Dubai with 131 passengers on board had a left engine failure.

He said the left hand number one engine’s fun blade sheared off causing severe internal damage to the engine.

Yaluma explained that the sheared off blade caused a loud bang and severe vibrations experienced by the crew.

He told the house that the incident in accordance with international civil aviation on aircraft accidents and incident investigations has been classified as a serious one which mandates the Zambian Department of Civil Aviation to send a report to among other organizations the International Civil Aviation Organisation for further evaluation and analysis.

The engine reportedly burst into flames before it was extinguished by some experienced pilots and crashed landed in Lusaka with all passengers leaving the plane unhurt.

Meanwhile, the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport was again plunged into darkness on Tuesday.

The Lusaka airport had no power for most parts of the morning and afternoon, the second time the incident has occurred, following a similar black out a month ago.

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