Questions Raised over Zambia’s Preparedness for UNWTO

The Zambia Institute of Marketing has warned that the country risks embarrassing itself to the international community because it is not yet ready to host the United Nations World Tourism Organisations (UNWTO) general assembly.
ZIM executive director Federick Chituta said this in Livingstone today during the 16th annual marketing conference.
He said Zambia was lagging behind in preparations for the United Nations World Tourism Organisations (UNWTO) general assembly to be co-hosted with Zimbabwe contrary to the picture that government through the ministry of Tourism was portraying.
“We are not yet ready; we are behind because we started our preparations late but time is not lost. There are some things that we still need to put in place here in Livingstone. We are working hard to catch up,” Chituta said. “There are some initiatives of trying to put up additional conference facilities in Livingstone, we are told, and we are waiting for the relevant authorities to do much on that,” he said.


  1. mukuka

    How can we help have hospitality and tourism experience hosted a number of events including the famous Indaba. Give us a number to contact you not all is lost

  2. Dr I.P.A. Manning

    The UNWTO talkfest boat next year has already been holed by the political hippo of Mugabe and Sata, by Sylvia Masebo – Minister of Tourism – threatening to close down Zambian online publications for daring to be critical of the UNWTO event, by the proposed mining of the Lower Zambezi National Park and the Mana Pools National Park (a World Heritage Site). Tourism, believe it or not, is very sensitive to such matters. You will recall the threats by world tourism agents to boycott Livingstone for the illegal issue of 220 ha of land in the Mosi oa Tunya National Park and plans by Legacy Holdings to build there a 36 hole golf course and many buildings. Minister Kaingu saw sense and refused it, but no one from ZAWA was prosecuted.

    The world is watching what Zimbabwe and Zambia are up to in the mid and lower Zambezi. They are puzzled as to why these governments would even consider contrived environmental impact statements from miners who would destroy the parks; in the case of Lower Zambezi NP, poison the river and surrounds and totally destroy over 200 km2 of the park to accommodate seven mines, two of them open-pit, with a life of 25 years. The Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) refused the Australian impact assessment, but Minister Simuusa has asked them to enlarge the impact statement so that he may review ZEMA’s decision. UNWTO will depend on him sending the Australian miners packing, and on Masebo and the PF respecting the freedom of information and rights of assembly of its citizens. And then there is Sata’s tar road through the national park linking Chirunda and Chiawa with Feira. Where are the impact studies and due process on these? Dear old Chituta is right, there are some things that need to be put in place before all the comrades get together to eat the hippo.

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