Conflicting Accounts of Electoral Violence in Rufunsa

Political violence erupted again in Zambia this week with the killing of a Patriotic Front youth cadre in Rufunsa, prompting mutual accusations from the government and opposition.

At the moment, it is not entirely clear who is responsible for the killing of Crispin Menyani Zulu, who allegedly died as the result of stab wounds as he arrived along with numerous others to Rufunsa from Lusaka to take part in the local bye-elections.

President Sata quick to blame the opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) and United Party for National Development (UPND) for the killing.

“These murderous acts are unacceptable and the people responsible must face the full wrath of the law,” Sata said in a statement distributed by his press aide George Chellah.  “It’s tragic that the political violence by the opposition UPND and MMD, which we have been preaching against, has resulted in a loss of an innocent life. What has happened today could have been avoided if the two opposition political parties mentioned in this heinous crime had listened and at least cared for the lives of innocent citizens.”

However a report published on Zambian Watchdog indicates that Mr. Zulu was killed by other fellow PF cadres in a fight over money:  “A senior security official has told the Zambian Watchdog that some PF cadres who were ferried from Lusaka with the help of Silvia Masebo and Geofrey Chumbwe to Rufunsa for local government Bye-Elections fought over how to share money and in the process one PF cadre has been reported to have been killed.”

The MMD has vigorously denied any involvement in the death of Mr. Zulu, and has said it is “saddened” by such premature accusations from the president before the police have investigated the matter.

MMD provincial chairperson Charles Mulusa wondered how such a serious accusation loosely came from the President when facts on the grounds contrary to his statement.

“The police were there, they saw what happened, those PF cadres were fighting amongst themselves over allowances, the MMD or UPND has nothing to do with that. Does the President know that the youth in question is not from Rufunsa? Those are the cadres the PF ferried from Lusaka to Rufunsa to intimidate the voters,” he said.


  1. taliban

    sweet death for him..what is there to die for..?

    • rabeccah

      Yesterday you wrote and said the MMD is winning come what may! What has come now?

  2. Believe in what you say

    And the investigative organs will choose to remain mum over the truth. What a country


    He was a stupid cadre who deserved to die actually why leave your family behind jst to go go and fight over petty politics

  4. happy gondwe

    Why kill each over cash politicians don’t use pipo for ur gains no the family is suffering no one wii even attend the funeral.

  5. Michael Chilufya Mumembe

    Sata should attend the funeral of this your person who was killed. He should show us that he is serious with his accusation.

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