PF Wins Mufumbwe By-Election as MMD Plan to Petition Final Result

The ruling Patriotic Front candidate in the Mufumbwe by-election has scooped the seat after gaining a wide lead before five polling stations were counted by 01 am on Friday.

Masumba defeated MMD’s Stafford Mulusa after votes from well over 30 polling stations had given the PF candidate a comfortable lead.

Sources in the MMD campaign team also confirmed the defeat saying the PF breached the electoral code even on election day.

The MMD sources disclosed that they tallied the votes from all polling stations and indications were that Masumba had won.

Electoral Commission of Zambia officials will announce the final results this morning the PF had by the last count polled 7,299 while the MMD had 5,223 votes counted representing a margin of over 1500 ballots cast.

Masumba is expected to be declared winner. There are indications that the MMD will petition the election so that it could bring to the fore evidence of irregularities by the ruling party.


  1. Maurice piyo

    The great pipo of mufumbwe hv spoken.its loud nd clear.obama said Americans hv lift themselves up,so hs mufumbwe.welcome in boat-Piyo

  2. Chisenga


  3. Blago

    What shame to the people of Mufumbwe!

    • Chisenga


    • Booty Shakes

      This is just the beginning. Mwalamwenako in NW. By the time it will be 2016 MMD and UPND will be no more

  4. Dixon S. Machai

    The PF has won. Nevers Mumba will never be in a winning team. Where does he belong? Victory Ministries or MMD? Get back to the church Nevers, there you always won

  5. Frederick Bwalya

    Nevers’ & HH’s pact defeated. Bravo masumba. Let them expel more mmd mps we are ready to win. Donchi kabeba

  6. friday kanyinji

    let mmd not waste time and resources for the said plan to petition election resauts. you are not in the boat and how do you cross over the lake. acndone that idea, understand democracy and just accept the out come. if you fail to adopt to this now, expect more shock elsewhere also, where your candidates will contest and lose again, worse will be in 2016, when it should be projected that you, mmd, shall have very few mp representation in the house. dont cry, be happy!!

  7. Forum for AGE Justice International

    As the Forum, we congratulate the people of Mumfubwe for their participation in this by-election. We would like to ask the new leader to work extra hand for the development of Mufumbwe area. Thank you ECZ and election monitors.

  8. raskellys

    Let’s just learn to concead defeat,let’s mature politicaly,petitions are costly and waste share of time,let’s develop and forget about our political diferences.

  9. Rev Kamalamba Given

    MUdala vamufumbwe vamala.
    Respect the voice of many..
    PF is geting serious in North Western.
    Twasanta ba Kaonde kumana mweluka politics bayi Mudijahan,aku owu akwenu ashakaman,a kuLusaka enu mwenumwenu.kwipayan,ana ne.

  10. peter

    farmers hav not received the money in luanshya district,

  11. Spyglass

    We are going2 SUFFER in Zambia!
    just when us in URBAN areas are beginning 2see clearly the mistake we made in voting for the PF, thats when those in RURAL areas are starting to take the same path! Its a chain effect, holdin us back.

    • jezzie

      What suffering are you talking about you corrupt minded MMD and finished party supporter fella. Wake up and stop day dreaming Lazy boy it’s time to paddle and deliver to the people mwalibelele amafisa kanwa ba musepa nopo tamwatandile imwe. Lekeni Sata abombe bamukukulu imwe.

    • zemuntu

      Which urban r you talking about?in choma or the trash you read on that discredited tongalised and tribal watchpoo

  12. Olivier Nqeto

    Pa Bwato! Bravo!
    Nevers and HH thought they will hold on but the people of Mufumbwe have spoken loudly and we now know where the wind is blowing. Development for Mufumbwe has now started.


  13. elijah

    As zambians its high time we begin to accept defeat , when you lose an election , just conceed like what the americans do

  14. vincent

    bravo muf pipo,tiyende pamodzi ,masumba 2pave yo erea 4devlopment now.donch kubambila a hh nd neva victory

  15. Tryxta11


    Tiyeni tipeleke,
    Ziko pasogolo,

    (Chorus) x2

    Steven Masumba!
    Ebantu tubombe nabo…oh oh oh,
    Mufumbwe constituency,
    Mabanga, mabanga, mabanga, mabanga,

    Ala kwena mupitilishe,
    No mutima busuma uyo wine,
    Ala kwena mupitilishe,
    No mutima busuma uyo wine,
    Ba Chief Munyambala,
    Tuletasha tulibonse chapamo,
    Ba Chief Chizela,
    Tuletasha tulibonse chapamo,
    Ba Chief Mushimba,
    Tuletasha tulibonse chapamo,
    Iseni tubike amaboko pamo,
    Twende na mutima umo,


    Ca… Ca… Ca… Cabin!

  16. Jelvis Selemani

    It’s always good to preach and practice! If all leadership is placed by God then if us as Christians don’t live by it, then how will God’s justice be looked upon by men saying they are men of God. We are also commanded to pray for those in leadership as Christians, then if we don’t we defy God’s law. Congratulations Masumba and may God reachly overwhelm you with his rich wisdom under the leadership of the great and victorious PF party.

  17. Chansa PC

    They just did arithmetic

  18. sandie

    thats great news ….masumba has shamed his critics.pliz ba watchdog dont mislead pipo.u were so critical about masumba.

  19. Given Chipulu

    When are we for sure going to have free and fair elections in this our country zambia,if its not petition then its biasness.

  20. Steve

    Pa bwato fye

  21. Chime

    I wonder the plan the mmd want to take, just few days ago there where saying the Mufumbwe pipo will vote and will antispant what will happen in 2016 now “Y” petioning? also look at th difference last year during tripatite elections the difference between the then rulling part (mmd) was very narrow with there candidant winning with a difference of nine (09) UPND was second, after partnering look at the difference. Guys do not wast time and money PF is perfoming and soon Zambia will be the Best place.

    Thanks pipo of Mufumbwe.

  22. taliban

    the people with so much integrity were threatened with no development..thats why they got the rubbish retard masumba..

  23. Believe in what you say

    The people of Mufumbwe have spoken. The MMD and UPND pact have been served a lesson in need to listen to the grassroots. MMD had just lost a major presidential election and could not see beyond their noses in thinking they would bounce back in this constituency which may have been a fluke win with Masumba on their cards. This time round the people of Mufumbwe were also going to correct their earlier vote for electing MMD. Against advice of party operatives on the ground UPND who was in a Catch 22 situation with new found partner gave in. The result is out the country needs to move on and the losers have to reassess their policies and future approaches as independent parties of choice for the electorate. Congratulations Masumba and PF, now get to work for Mufumbwe has suffered for too long.

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