Sakeni Says He Doesn’t Want Sata to Suffer After Retirement

Kennedy Sakeni has defended government’s decision to start building President Micheal Sata’s house before his retirement, saying the head of state must not get stranded after retirement.

Reacting to a protest organised by the opposition UPND who were demonstrating against the move at parliament yesterday, Sakeni who is Chief government spokesperson said there was nothing wrong with the decision.

“There is nothing wrong with building a housevfor a sitting president. We are trying to be stratergic and plan ahead while there is still money available. We dont want to wait until he retires and then there is no money to do it like what happened to the others” Sakeni said.

He said what was important was that government was still committed to building houses for the other past presidents.

“The fact is that he will still retire one day and we will still have to build his house. What is important is that government will still build houses for the others,” he said.

The PF government has raised concerns over its decision to build Sata a house ahead of other past presidents that include Frederick Chiluba, Levy Mwanawasa and Rupiah Banda.


  1. Chariots

    “when there is no money to do it” Pretty scarely statement coming from govt spokesman, do they intend to spend all the money in the treasury so much that by the time they are voted out there will be no money left to build that house?? These are serious questions we should be asking as zambian.

  2. pwifi

    we are not bitter but these guyz in govt are selfish.

  3. Believe in what you say

    If the minister was the right thinking type his statement would have made him greater if it had referred to all retirees! Now since there is a queue of former presidents and other retirees awaiting entitlements the statement leaves a lot to be desired. Where are our parliamentarians? It’s like since the constitution is being reviewed the one that is in existence has been suspended

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