ZDDM Calls for Meetings Between Opposition and Government

Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) has presented a petition before the office of President Michael Sata proposing an urgent summit among all of Zambia’s opposition parties to address growing tensions.

Edwin Sakala, who is President of ZDDM, a minor opposition party,  writes in his letter:  “We have no doubt that the people of Zambia did not make a mistake by giving you responsibility of leading this nation. However, Mr President, as people of your kind state umunwe umo tausala nda (teamwork is imperative).

“We come to you with an earnest request for an inter-party dialogue to resolve some of the issues that have been brought up by the media,” the letter continues.

Mr Sakala said the Zambia Inter Party Centre for Dialogue can be used as a forum for dialogue.

The ZDDM was received positively by the ruling Patriotic Front government.  President Sata’s spokesperson George Chellah said that it was good that ZDDM is seeking progressive forms of engaging Government for the benefit of the country.

“This petition is meant for the President (Sata) and it will be delivered accordingly,” Chellah said.  “t is good that they acknowledge that Zambians did not make a mistake to vote for President Sata and they are beginning to seek other forms of engagement for the benefit of the country. It is a non-controversial petition which will be delivered to the President.”

Source: Daily Mail

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