Chikwanda UrgesTransparency At Government Procurement Body

Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda has called for transparency, efficiency and zero tolerance to corruption at the Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA).

Speaking when he officiated at the launch of the standard bidding process today, Chikwanda emphasized the need for a rebuilding public confidence in the procurement process of government.

“It is therefore critical that a modern public sector is built on a sound procurement system that is transparent, efficient and corruption zero rated. The PF has been pushing forward the decentralisation policy since we came into power. Our desire is to see every citizen, regardless of where they are located, get access to public services in the most efficient manner and public procurement is at the centre of this,” he said.

Chikwanda said a decentralised procurement process promotes private sector participation through non discriminatory treatment of bidders and develops economic capacity through the provision of opportunities for Zambian suppliers and other target groups to participate in the procurement system.

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