President Sata Happy with Path to One-Party State

After coming under heavy criticism for his wasteful style of politics which may cause an unprecedented 30 unnecessary by-elections in a coveted plan to make Zambia a one-party state, President Michael Sata is now responding and justifying his action.

According to a statement released by his press officer George Chellah, President Sata is happy with the coveted plan putting Zambia on a firm path to a one party state saying by-elections are budgeted for.

President Sata intends to create about 30 by-elections in the name of “working with all progressive parliamentarians.”

Some “stomach hungry” MMD MPs like broke Lusaka lawyer Keith Mukata have already sold-out and are currently serving in the PF government as deputy ministers.

The plan by President Sata is to ensure PF controls Parliament by at least two-thirds majority in order to pass laws that will be favorable to the ruling party and its click of criminals in private business.

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has disclosed that there is already plans to pay MPs K100 million (US $20, 000) each to induce defections in various areas where the PF wants to create by-elections.

Below is the statement issued from State House

LUSAKA, Wednesday, November 21, 2012 – His Excellency Mr Michael Chilufya Sata, President of the Republic of Zambia, has reiterated that the PF Government will work with all progressive parliamentarians with the interest of the nation at heart regardless of their political affiliation.

This is in response to unfounded allegations by some opposition leaders that the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) is aiming at decimating the opposition through induced parliamentary by-elections.

But President Sata said if the opposition parties whose members of parliament are currently serving in Government allowed their parliamentarians to contribute without intimidation there would be no need for by-elections.

“The laws of the land allow the country to hold by-elections as and when they arise. This is the democratic system we have chosen for ourselves. Therefore, it is deceitful for the opposition to hold the PF Government responsible for this state of affairs, which is largely due to their leaders’ egoistic rides coupled with grave political judgment deficits,” the President said.

“The Zambian people are aware that these by-elections are actually as a result of the high-handed actions of the same opposition leaders who are making it difficult for those MPs that have chosen to collaborate with the PF Government to operate effectively.”

The Head of State maintained that his administration will work with whoever is prepared to contribute to the development of the country. President Sata said the sole purpose of this inclusivity and co-existence is to stimulate economic and social growth among others.

“To that effect, I have with good intentions appointed our colleagues from the opposition into Government. But it is the same misguided and unpatriotic opposition leaders that have been threatening to make the country ungovernable,” President Sata said.

“What is the Government supposed to do when injudicious leaders of the opposition do everything possible to try and undermine Government’s ability to deliver services to the people? Every responsible Government world over will ensure that it consolidates itself to be in a position to deliver on the promises that got it elected into office.
“Our dear Pastor Nevers Mumba, who is at the forefront of expelling others for serving in Government, was made Republican Vice-President from an opposition party. What has changed today? When it was in Government the MMD appointed ministers from the opposition parties, why should it be different today?”

President Sata advised the opposition political parties to appreciate the value of inclusivity and patriotism if they genuinely seek to serve the people of Zambia.

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  1. moses

    Every responsible Government world over will ensure that it consolidates itself to be in a position to deliver on the promises that got it elected into office. one and one is two.

  2. pwifi

    chellar dont be used like a condom mwana,advice mudala in the right way to go these courts are here for you today but tomorrow even when you have amassed wealthy by then for a lawyer i tell you yhat will be nothing,best examples kashiwa bulaya,ftj,sikaneta,dora,chungu.you end up fatening the lawyers pockets and become poooooooooor,for mudala satan their will need to remove his immunity first.so think mwana.

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