Work Stoppage at Zesco Continues

Some employees at the country’s electricity supply company, Zesco, have continued with their work stoppage which entered second day Wednesday pressing for improved conditions of services.

It took police action to stop a protest by Zesco workers on Tuesday after they took to the streets for the same protest.

The Zesco casual workers are demanding that they be permanently employed by the power utility company as promised to them by PF government.

The workers who have been gathering outside their workplace have expressed disappointment by Zesco management who have said the company cannot employ the striking workers as permanent employees because they were hired on seasonal basis.

Acting managing director Christopher Mulenga has said it is not possible to guarantee permanent employment for casual workers due to the seasonal nature of their jobs.

But the workers complained that they were subjected to hard work and that some of them have been working for a long time without being given permanent employment.

Zambia is currently experiencing some of its worst energy crisis with increased load shedding that is taking a toll on various sectors if the economy.

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