Kachingwe Accused of Selling Out MMD to PF

The group of so-called “die hard” youths of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) opposition party are stepping up their efforts to pressure the party’s national secretary to step down.

Maj. Richard Kachingwe, whose performance as national secretary of the MMD has been widely criticised for having taken the side of the ruling Patriotic Front party, has thus far refused to leave office despite increasing public outrage among party members.

A group of MMD youths, led by organiser Bowman Lusambo, has enjoyed a surge of popularity in recent weeks, re-igniting the grassroots base of the former ruling party with their determined campaign to remove Maj. Kachingwe.

Lusambo told journalists today that major Kachingwe would not resist the ‘Earthquake’ that would soon hit him.

“We are determined to see Kachingwe out and he is going. They don’t call us die hard for nothing,” Lusambo said.  “Kachingwe is a crook, he is a lair and he loves money too much. That statement he made is meant to solicit for money and a job so we don’t truct him. we know that he is capable of trading the party.”

Lusambo said as a senior executive of the former ruling party it was wrong for Kachingwe to start a praise campaign for PF.

“This is a big movement, it is not small as he thinks it is. It’s a huge volcano that he will not resist and he will be shocked once it erupts,” said Lusambo.

The MMD is divided over Kachingwe’s state house visit with one group saying he is seeking a job from PF and another saying he went to meet the President as mandated by the party national executive.

Youth national secretary Tobias Kafumukache told journalists last week that Kachingwe was in order to go to state house but accused party spokesperson Dora Siliya of secretly visiting State House.

Kachingwe denies ever asking for a job from President Sata and says no one will hound him out of the party he laboured for over a long period.

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