Sata Orders Killing of Barotse Activists

President of Zambia Michael Sata has ordered the killing of rebel activists in Western Province who are advocating for the secession of Barotseland from the rest of Zambia.

Speaking at the SADC region Defence Command graduation ceremony at Lusaka’s Mulungushi International Conference Center today, President Sata instructed Army commander Lt. General Erick Chimense to ferry troops to Western Province and sort out a group called Barotse Liberation Army (BLA).

“In Lukulu (Western Province) people have formed a group called Barotse Liberation Army, they are recruiting people. As of today, I am aware that they have recruited 276 people. They are recruiting former army officers, police officers and former poachers they want to rise against us and we have to be prepared… And you the Army Commander I have told you before that I need troop career planes because how can I transport troops to Lukuku?” he wondered.

The President said once the government soldiers arrive in Lukulu, they should not hesitate but open fire at the activists.

“When you go there, just fire, when they say “Fa” you fire, when they say “enisha” just fire at them, do not hesitate,” said Sata as the Defence force commanders listened in awe.

President Sata said it was unfortunate that the Zambian Army was tolerating anarchy in Western Province when other country were using the military to stop illegal movements.

He further said Zambian soldiers were not experienced enough to stand a war.

“Our soldiers are graduating but some of them, they have never fired a gun since they joined the army until they retire… because it is different to train and to go and do the action. You need to be well trained in order to defend this country,” said President Sata.

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