Lusaka’s Chilenje Residents Up in Arms over Sanitation

Lusaka’s Mapoloto compound residents in Chilenje township have expressed their frustration with the Patriotic Front government for forcing them to defecate in plastic bags after failing to provide basic sanitation services.

These people have no basic sanitation facilities such as toilets. The situation has become a health hazard with 35 households sharing one toilet. It has now turned into a nightmare that the reactive Lusaka City Council can only watch and make their usual promises to deal with the situation.

The residents are wondering why the PF government has neglected to address their concerns after voting them into office. They argued they worked tirelessly to campaign for the PF and were now subjected to answering the call of nature in plastic bags or empty opaque beer containers.

The PF government made several appeasing promises to the majority poor that voted them into office ahead of last year’s elections and people were expectant of instant change of life style.

However, after they face the realities of life, they have become fatigued with the government assurances of a better life in the future. The PF government support has since been steadily waning though some people are happy to give them a benefit of doubt.

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