Kabimba Slammed by British Press over Alleged Corruption

Yesterday’s appearance at the Anti-Corruption Commission by Zambia’s Minister of Justice Wynter Kabimba has attracted the attention of international media.

According to the Guardian (United Kingdom), Kabimba, who is also the secretary general of the ruling Patriotic Front party, is being investigated for allegedly being paid $500 million by Trafigura through his company Midlands Energy to help them land an oil supply contract.

Yesterday’s hearings at the ACC were suspended until a future date, as Kabimba arrived to the office with hordes of violent PF cadres, making it impossible for the investigators to conduct their work.

Both Trafigura and Kabimba deny the allegations.

According to the article, “Kabimba is a director of Midland Energy and the Guardian has seen copies of the company’s incorporation documents which list the minister as a board member and shareholder. The company was registered on 10 January 2012, four months after the current government came into power.”

Whether or not the ACC finds evidence of payments between Trafigura and Midland Energy, it may become an issue if Kabimba failed to declare his shareholdings before accepting his position as Minister of Justice.

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