Henry Kapoko, Relative of President Sata, Dodges Corruption Charge

The Lusaka Magistrate court has acquitted Henry Kapoko of seven charges of theft by public servant amounting to K374 million.

Kapoko who was last week acquitted of stealing over K7 billion from the Ministry of Health where he worked as human resource manager is now a free man and can sue the Zambian government for the loss of his job and reputation.

Today Magistrate Rodgers Kaoma acquitted Kapoko and his ally from Rojo Trading company Limited.

Magistrate Kaoma dismissed all the charges on account that there was no evidence tendered by the prosecution to prove that Kapoko paid the money to Rojo fraudulently.

He said after going through the prosecution evidence, it could be established that certain vital documents went missing while some were seized by ACC.

Two months ago, The State entered in another nolle prosequi in another case against Kapoko. As Kapoko is a distant nephew of President Michael Sata, many critics believe that the court’s decision was influenced while the ACC intervened to seize evidence.

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