Kabimba Says He Is Only a “Chola Boy” to Sata

kabimba-sata-zambia-reportsMinister of Justice and Patriotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba says he does not weild any power as an individual but that he is only a “chola boy” for President Michael Sata who sends him as a messenger.

Speaking this afternoon when he officiated at a skills graduation ceremony for 100 PF women cadres at Tiki school in Chilenje, Wynter said people should not hate him for being a messenger.

“Some people say I weild too much power now. No. I dont have any powers apart from those powers I derive from The President. I do not make dicisions on my own. When the President and the Central Committee gives me a message, it is my job as Secretary General to deliver it whether it s good or bad. That is why i was voted into this position. So dont shoot the messenger, just get the message,” he said.

Wynter, who is also Justice minister made the remarks in the wake of wide condemnation over his pursuit against Foreign affairs minister Given Lubinda whom the ruling party PF, accuses of treachery.

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