President Sata’s Gaffes on National Issues Haunts his Reactions

president-sata-zambia-reportsPresident Michael Sata has had a tough week of self inflicted gaffes over a number of national issues.

State House has been kept busy issuing reactive statements to several stakeholders that have condemned the way President Sata has been running national affairs.

The president has been heavily criticised in the fight against corruption which is now viewed as selective, the adherence to human rights and fundamental freedoms of Zambians among some issues.

Not too long ago, the Opposition Political Parties, the Human Rights Commission, the Christian Council of Zambia, the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia and the Oasis Forum have all condemned President Sata’s government style and fear for the future of Zambia.

There was yet another statement today where State House special assistant to the president for press George Chellah was reacting to Oasis Forum who criticticised the PF governance style.

President Sata accused the Oasis Forum not to play to the gallery and that the merely issuance of statements will not solve the country’s problem or take Oasis Forum anywhere.

President Sata said the PF administration is resolute to establishing a close working relationship with various stakeholders for the benefit of the country.

“We are a democratic government that fully understands its limitations as enshrined in our Republican Constitution. Furthermore, this government is serious about delivering development to our people through economic growth, job creation and combating corruption and crime among others,” President Sata said.

The President advised the Oasis Forum against declaring disputes before engaging the government conclusively.

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