Accommodate Divergent Views, Unza Don Tells Patriotic Front

(FILES) Michael Sata, opposition leaderPolitical scientist Choolwe Beyani has advised government to be accommodative of divergent views and be more accommodative of what Zambians are saying.

Beyani said government should be ready to embrace divergent views from a wide array of sectors and be sensitive towards the views of the Zambian people

The said government should also learn to consult when making decisions that hinge on the development of the country especially those that affect ordinary citizens. Beyani noted the government has made some rushed decisions that did not have input of the necessary stakeholders.

He said it is important for government to be more inclusive and learn to exhaust consultation with stakeholders before making any decision that has impact on the lives of people.

And Zambia Center for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) executive director Horrance Chirando has said there is need for political dialogue to solve some of the problems the country is facing.

Chirando said the opposition parties such as the MMD should now come to terms with their new role as an opposition political party to give check and balances to the ruling party.

The PF government has come under scrutiny in its style of governing the country due to their heavy handed methods in dealing with their perceived opponents.

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