PF Cadres Hold Mock Funeral for Lubinda

Given-Lubinda-greeted-by-supporters-pfMultitudes of cadres from the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) party this morning held a mock funeral for the embattled Foreign Affairs Minister Given Lubinda at State House.

The PF supporters led by Kabwata constituency chairman David Silubanje carried plackereds and marched to State House were the PF Central Committee was scheduled to hold a meeting to demand Lubinda’s immediate expulsion from the party.

Lubinda who is also Kabwata member of parliament if facing treachery charges and was made to exculpate himself before the Edgar Lungu led disceplinary committee whose decision hqse not been announced.

PF Kabwata constituency chairperson David Silubanje said the protest was meant to increase pressure on the Central Committee to get rid of Lubinda from the party.

Silubanje said Lubinda was a spy who was not supposed to be enlisted among party members.

He said Lubinda has no support in Kabwata except for a few Mahopo residents that he has allegedly corrupted.

Silubanji said Lubinda should go back to UPND and that the PF will defeat him when by-elections are called.

The cadres carried placards messaging that Lubinda is a spy and should be kicked out ofthe party.

Last week the cadres threatened to hound Lubinda out of the office but justice minister Wynter Kabimba intervened.

Today the cadres sang anti Lubinda slogans on President lane but were not alloelwed inside sate house

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