Opinion: When Bogus Sources Make Headlines in The Post

Fred-M’membeIn it’s quest to portray a deepening crisis in the MMD, the PF aligned Post Newspaper is going to every length, even as far as quoting bogus MMD leaders.

It’s clear that the Post Newspaper is not content with the fact that its bedfellow President Michael Sata is in State House. The mission is to ensure the country has no opposition to talk about – probably a one-state party will please them. How? The guess is theirs to answer.

In their continued marriage of convenience with the PF, they also want to destroy the former ruling party, MMD. They view the MMD has the PF’s biggest threat going into the next elections.

It’s no longer a secret that Post Newspaper owner Fred M’membe is running the country and whatever else President Sata will do is basically fulfilling the work of his masters.

Together, they are waging a strong campaign, well sustained by tax payers money to frustrate MMD president Nevers Mumba using all options in the book.

They have gone for the records making sure MMD is financially crippled by past debt. They have gone for its vulnerable members with questionable character making sure they join PF or they will be cleaned out of business.

Those questionable characters that have remained in the MMD are being paid to cause confusion and make Nevers’ presidency a living hell. So, far Nevers has had a tough time.

The Post and the PF will create even things that don’t exist to demonstrate that the MMD is in trouble and give Nevers serious headaches. But to be honest, there is more trouble, a lot of self created confusion in the PF leadership that is being swept under the carpet than what is being portrayed of MMD.

Other than poaching vulnerable MPs, attempting to cripple party operations through debts, create a non-exiting leadership crisis using a few politicians accustomed to “politics of the belly”, the PF have gone for Nevers’ person.

From two fronts; Nevers is personally under attack. First, the PF and The Post want to physically and mentally torture and cripple using police cells and remand prisons based on trumped up charges.

Both President Sata and M’membe believe sending Dr Mumba to prison countless times will ultimately fracture his spirit. The condition and treatment he will be given, they hope, will cripple him, it will demoralize him and he’ll not have enough time to organize the party.

Secondly, they also believe giving him numerous court appearances will financially cripple him through legal fees and many other inconveniences. Through this, they hope, will be a successful way of throwing him out of Zambian politics.

This it seems is their mission. After their surrogate, that disgraced ex-serviceman called Major Richard Kachingwe was flashed out as National Secretary of MMD, they have identified Catherine Namugala as their new found fish in the pond to advance their selfish agenda.

Namugala is morally corrupt. Her politics inspire very few people in the country for she can go to bed with anyone, any group provided the colour of the money is splashed in her face. There is no need to go into her political past to show her true colours. Genuine politicians know what she is.

But to give Namugala’s wanton rantings about “Nevers should go crusade”, The Post has gone to an extent of quoting bogus sources, sources that don’t even exit as members of the MMD.

On Saturday, The Post in its story headlined “MMD women reject Namugala’ suspension” quoted Dorothy Phiri. It’s actually laughable. Even the ability to verify the authenticity of sources is no longer part of The Post’s journalism standards.

This seems to confirm that The Post, a once vibrant independent news media, has traded its ethics and professionalism. When was this Dorothy in that position? What happened to her? Does she hold any position in the MMD? Such questions no longer matter in the journalism of The Post for as long as they can find a stone to speak against Nevers and the MMD.

Very soon, this newspaper will quote a former MMD member who may have taken a trip to the other side of life and peacefully resting in the grave as calling for “Nevers’ resignation”. At the rate they are going, it should not surprise anyone. Those are the levels of journalism Zambians will have to leave with. Or deal with for now.

If they don’t know that Dorothy ceased to be chairlady months ago, if they don’t know that Lumba Kalumba was suspended as a member of the Luapula MMD executive, what will you expect from them? Very little if any. The MMD and its general membership is very much aware that no objective reportage when it comes to Nevers and the party can be expected from The Post. The Post are victims of their own conscience. That is why bogus sources like Dorothy Phiri make big headlines. Nothing surprising but is this the extent to which independent journalism has degenerated in Zambia? Are there no journalism schools anymore?

This is where the country must stop and reflect, when did bogus sources make headlines? Now its happening and only in The Post.

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