MMD to Contest Mpongwe By-Election Alone

Nevers Mumba and Dora 2Movement for Multiparty Democracy President Nevers Mumba says the former ruling party will not enter into any alliances ahead of the February parliamentary by-election in Mpongwe.

The Mpongwe seat fell vacant following the resignation of Gabriel Namulambe who has since joined the ruling PF.

In the past the MMD and UPND has joined forces to beat the ruling PF in similar by-elections, but Mumba says there is no need for a pact this time.

He said it would be unwise for the MMD to partner with any other party when MMD already has good chances of reclaiming the seat.

“We have decided to contest the Mpongwe by-election alone. We feel that the party has strong presence in that part of Copperbelt and therefore there is no need to form any alliance. We are capable of winning the seat back,” Mumba said.

He however expressed worry over possibilities of rigging the elections by PF.

Mumba said the PF has in the past used State machinery including the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to manipulate the outcome of the election results.

“We do hope that this time the ECZ will say no to being used by the ruling party, because they have been used in the past and we even wrote to them to complain. Without rigging the MMD will easily win the Mpongwe seat because the party structures are intact there,” he said.

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