Opinion: Reverend Sikwela, Isn’t He Just Another Pharisee?

Sata-Sikwela-1A Reverend Howard Sikwela has dropped a bombshell. He is one of the shortest serving MPs in the history of Zambia. Not because of unforeseen circumstances but his greed for money. His thirst for perfectly lined pockets has cost Zambians billions of kwacha. He thrives, it seems, in adulterous affairs whether in politics or otherwise. Put simply. he is the present day Judas Iscariot.

This author can’t school Reverend Sikwela in religious matters, more especially Judas Iscariot on whose record this supposed servant of God from Livingstone must have anchored his ministry career. You were mistaken Zambians, Sikwela went to theology school for God’s work but his works and deeds speak the opposite.

The manner Rev Sikwela has betrayed Zambians, particularly Livingstone residents is worse than Judas’ act of betrayal for the son of God – Jesus Christ. Scripture foretold that Christ will be betrayed, he’ll be denied and had come to die for our sins. These are things so familiar to Rev Sikwela than the PF manifesto or even the Zambian constitution. Sikwela can quote and interprete John 3:16 better that he would do with Article 3 of the Zambian constitution.

When Livingstone residents rendered Rev Sikwela an overwhelming approval to represent them in Parliament, they didn’t expect him to last just under six months. They didn’t expect him to cause a third parliamentary election in 16 months. Another by-elections in such an incredible short space of time, all for the love, means more money for campaigns. It was the last think Livingstonians wanted or expected.

The previous by-election had reports of deaths arising from the violence that erupted during campaigns. Preserving lives does not bother Sikwela. He is more comfortable to create a by-election that may prompt more violence and result in more deaths.

Instead of serving Livingstone, the Reverand had other ideas. He is that proverbial wolf in sheep’s skin. He came with a finished pair of shoes, a wash and wear suit, some donated shirts and no necktie. And when the opposition United Party for National Development clothed him, he abandons them. He abandoned the poor opposition party that was forced to cough deep into its coffers to sponsor a candidate in an expensive by-election.

Today, Reverend Sikwela has probably forgotten how he almost licked the inside of people’s legs to be adopted on the opposition ticket. He proudly calls himself a political open cheque. Shame. This Reverend insultingly claims he prayed and fasted to arrive at this decision. Which God will answer your prayers of inflicting misery on his people, the very people he claimed he would help better their lives when elected?

While Reverend Sikwela has a democratic right in a democracy like ours to choose what is best for him in his political career even to unreasonably quit, he owes the electorates and taxpayers the responsibility to protect national resources, protect them from unnecessary by-elections and the consequences thereof.

The water problem Livingstone suffers, the poor road network, the lack of proper educational facilities, the lack of proper medical facilities and drugs at health centres would not receive any attention because a thief masquerading as a Reverend was too greedy to allow such development.

It may be easier to forgive Gabriel Namulambe for creating a by-election in Mpongwe, but not Rev Sikwela. There is certainly no justification to Namulambe’s behaviour but a man like Rev Sikwela could have done better to show a distinction between service and politics of the belly. Probably the people of Livingstone were mistaken. What do you expect from a man convicted of adultery?

He did not only cheat with another man’s wife. Sikwela should should have known the stigma that UPND is a tribal party has been there even before he was adopted to stand as MP. To like that that was one of the reasons he left UPND is damaging to the reputation of a man who has recited the 10 commandments and is called by one of them; “thou shalt not lie.”

The man is only in parliament for six months, a servant of God whose service is to the poor, and goes to create a by-election. If judgment day was tomorrow, Rev Sikwela should be an indisputable candidate for hell for sending that baby in a Livingstone hospital on the road to a premature death because there is lack of medication at the health facility. And the lack of medication is as a result of inadequate resources because there was a by-election created by this man.

Reverend Sikwela can now afford a glass of wine because of Livingstone residents. And he opts to serve his selfish ambitions after a Patriotic Front carrot was dangled in his face. This is the man that should not even remain in that area. No one would have knocked on his door without the UPND and MMD agreeing to field him as a candidate last year.

One wonders why he even became a Reverend. If carefully investigated, Rev Sikwela has probably left a trail of destruction at the church he ministers than equipping believers with that which he was ordained to do. What more can you expect from a man who has stolen someone’s wife?

It is extremely sad and indeed painful that Zambia, instead of development, will spend the first two and half years of President Michael Sata’s first term in office dealing with by-elections. The colossal sum these by-elections gobble would turn-around health centres in Livingstone. It seems that is not a priority for the PF government.

What matters for the PF government is to convince opposition members to quit and join the ruling party. What makes the PF believe they will still win Livingstone with Reverend Sikwela out?

Even with the amount of rigging that characterized Mufumbwe, it is practically impossible for the PF to win Livingstone. They can rig Mpongwe and win it for Namulambe but Livingstone will still go back to the opposition provided they agree to field a single candidate to teach President Michaal Sata a lesson.

Another lesson for UPND and MMD is put their egos aside, unite and make sure the PF has no room in their destruction of Zambia. UPND deputy spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa has a brilliant idea but it does not for Sikwela because he did sign anything to that effect. To save Zambia from this since the Constitution does not protect them, future MPs must be compelled to sign the similar binding documents Mweetwa is suggesting so they can at least refund political parties for such irresponsible actions that makes Sikwela more of a Pharisee than a Reverend.

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