More Promises: 4th Mobile before Dec 2013

Chris-YalumaAfter making numerous promises that are yet to be fulfilled before coming into power, the Patriotic Front is determined to continue on the same path.

This time, transport minister Christopher Yaluma, says a fourth mobile operator is coming to Zambia before the end of 2013.

Yaluma says there were more than five international companies that had already lined up to compete for the licence of becoming the fourth mobile operating company.

Currently, Zambia has three mobile service providers namely Airtel, MTN and Celz.


  1. The Instigator

    They may allow that to happen because they will not use grz funds.But when it comes to the actual needs of the people like provision of clean and safe drinking water,health services,education where they have backtracked on abolition of basic schools,roads,sanitation etc,they are unable to perform.

  2. Jackson C Musamba

    Competition is good on the free market, quality & cost is competitively great to the consumer!

  3. Majaliwa

    The reporter, you seem to be negative about the matter! is it a bad idea according to your thinking? or could it be that you want people to view it as being impossible? You seem to be for the idea that simply because Pf has not yet delivered on some few promises they made then they shouldn’t be attempting to do anything developmental… That makes you a very bad reporter, and miserable and unprofitable citizen. I wonder what kind of a leader you can make! if this is how you expect your continually failing parties to work, then you will not realize when you ceased to be a reporter or politician to become complainants….. that’s What you are!

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