Sata Orders Police to Lock Up Journalist

Chanda-ChimbaPresident Michael Sata has ordered the police to lock up freelance journalist Chanda Chimba III when he appears for questioning tomorrow after learning that his Stand Up for Zambia videos are now on the internet and can be viewed worldwide.

Highly placed sources within the Patriotic Front controlled Government Joint Investigating Team otherwise known as the Taskforce have disclosed that Chimba has been summoned to report at their offices tomorrow and will be locked up after interrogation.

President Sata and his media team are upset that Chimba’s documentaries, which chronicled events of the then opposition leader’s political career, were now beyond their reach.

“They are actually upset that we have not been doing anything when they summoned. To be honest, there is nothing criminal in what we are summoning for but we have to work under instruction,” the source said. “May be if the videos were not on youtube, it could be a different story.”

Chimba, producer of Stand Up for Zambia television documentary, is expected to appear for questioning on Wednesday January 9, 2013 at 10:00 hours. The sources have further revealed that Chimba will actually be formally charged and arrested on charges yet to be leveled against him.

Chimba’s documentaries among other things highlighted the Zambian Airways saga, the PF aligned Post Newspaper debt to the Zambia Revenue Authority. The documentaries also gave insight on how the PF teamed up with the Catholic church and some non-governmental organisations against the administration of Rupiah Banda.

The documentaries also show President Sata’s stinging attacks on the late President Levy Mwanawasa and his health.

According to the sources, it is clear that President Sata is determined to finish Chimba for his documentaries.

“If Chimba is taken to court, how will the proceedings unfold especially that Mutembo Nchito, the Director of Public Prosecutions, DPP, sued Chimba in a civil matter over the same documentaries regarding Zambian Airways?

“Will he get a fair trial under the circumstances for whatever it is he will be charged with and arrested for?”

Meanwhile, records at the High Court also show President Sata has several civil suits pending against Chimba. Fred M’membe also sued the Stand Up for Zambia producer in what may only be termed as a ploy that was aimed at scaring Chimba into stopping the production of the documentaries which only stopped when Judge Patrick Matibini now Speaker of the National Assembly, who is a PF stooge, curtailed the program.


  1. mwenya

    Zambia Reports,Peter Adamu its unfortunate how you guys want to change thnigs and make it seem like the president,Membe and Nchito want to finish Chimba,if your conscious is clear with such kind of reports then much lives to be desired. The propaganda that was aired on ZNBC before PF came into power and the documentaries Chimba produced to you as a media you term that to be fair and now that Chimba has to face the law it now unfair.

    • Indoshi

      @mwenya you really must be PF and very gullible too. What propaganda did Chimba air in his documentaries. Hasn’t all what he talked about come true, didn’t Sata thank the Catholic church for working with him, hasn’t he given Malupenga and other Post newspaper journalists jobs in government for working with him, isn’t Fr. Frank Bwalya on the Zesco board, isn’t Fred Mm’embe getting favours from Sata’s regime? The list is endless that is why Chimba is being called a prophet.

  2. Kangalaitoito

    Mwenya you must be a fool. Leave Zambia Reports and Peter Adamu alone. Chimba’s documentaries are on You Tube and that was not propaganda. You watch his mouth his greatest enemy and see and hear how foul Sata’s mouth is. That’s his nature. Chimba exposed him but am one of the people who didn’t listen and voted PF. I regret terribly. May God be with Chimba you are in my prayers that all goes well with you.

  3. mwenya

    INDOSHI.. firstly I dont vote, and if you are not opinionated its not my fault,with all due respect I dont expect Chimba to be let free and am going to be happy if the law takes its course without favor.I respect what you believe and I have no right to think you are gullible when you see it befiting that Chimba should be let free and allow him to exercise his proffession.
    KANGA thank you I aswell respect your opinion and I equally ve no right to call you by any demeaning name.

    • Indoshi

      @mwenya I have no doubt in my mind that you are Fred Mm’embe masquareding as Mwenya. Please address the questions I raised earlier and watch Chimba’s videos on YouTube. Another question, with all the bad things including insults tha Sata said about Mwanawasa, Rupiah Banda and others including some editorials by Fred Mm’embe are you suggesting Rupiah was to lock them up if he had won the 2011 elections? Come on be real. There is absolutely nothing wrong Chimba did in exercising his freedom of expression.

  4. Big Smalls

    Iwe Mwenya ndiwe muntu wa bwanji kansi for you not to see. If you do not vote you better not even pass any comments, leave Chimba alone you moron.


    mwenya mmembe you dont believe in prophecy let the enlightened of chanda chimba iii lead the people

  6. The Instigator

    Chanda chimba should be left alone to savour his predictions that are unfolding truthfully.This govt is full of evil and dirt.

  7. Majaliwa

    Records at znbc show that chanda chimbwi was not paying for that program of his as it was mmd’s propaganda. No wonder he was going it one sided, we all used to hear how Mwanawasa used to attack Sata as well, but chimbwi, has been quite on that. Above all these two reconciled, putting all their wrongs behind. has chimbwi ever spoken about that? One doesn’t need to be a politician to know that chimbwi’s documentaries where done in bad faith. Mwebale defender ichimbwi mukaye cilipilila inkongole ku znbc.

    • Rabid Dog

      @Majaliwa ulitole sana chikala why hasn’t ZNBC raised an issue if Chimba owes them money. If he does they know its business and know how to claim anything owed to them. Talk of something else and in any case Chimba’s programmes were great I still enjoy watching some on you tube.

  8. Polio Chanda

    God help the prophet!

  9. Majaliwa

    Rabid Dog, tawaba na mano! anyway, e mbela yenu ba upnd / mmd, mulicifyalilwa cansele … chimbwi ena balafona nangu ushitukane, utukile kumo nabakufyele tacaafwe kantu.

  10. Victor

    The PF should just leave Chimba alone.The post Newspaper has told many lies about many public figures before and during the 2011 General elections.Many people were labelled corrupt,including Rupia Banda termed as a foreigner from Zimbabwe.The PF through winter Kabimba even took the matter to the UN and AU.What surprises now that they are in power,why are they not pursuing Rupia as a foreigner ?
    Zambians are yet to see the worst.After the the issue of this constitutuion making has been passed into law,then we will see Mr.Simon Kabamba being given a Government position,just like Frank bwalya.Zambians can`t see that this is all about Bemba people and its Government !

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