Goodson Banda Pressures Lubinda to Resign

Patriotic Front officials in Lusaka province have pressured foreign affairs minister Given Lubinda to resign because he has been found guilty of treachery.

Lusaka District PF chairman Goodson Banda said this at a press briefing at the party secretariat today.

He accused Lubinda of having mounted a campaign in Kabwata constituency ahead of a possible by election.

Banda said Lubinda had recruited youths from UPND and some PF cadres in his campaigns who have since disclosed the move to the provincial leadership.

“I have reports of him campaigning and I have verified the reports to be true. We are not going to sit idle. He has been going round in the markets and people have seen him with their naked eyes. Some are UPND, ULP and so on but what I am saying is it is better he does so in the open,’’ Banda said.

He said Lubinda should not be allowed to travel out of the country again to represent government because he was a traitor.


  1. Majaliwa

    Iwe leka abakulu babombe imilimo isala akanwa taulimwine wa pf. tatubekelwa mucimfulunganya, so wimoneka ukusamwa.

  2. bornagain

    Hon. Lubinda was appointed to the ministrial post by our President, Is it in order for junior cadres to fire him? and how did the cadres know about the outcome of the disciplinary committee?

  3. Seed Inspector

    People must learn to differentiate between Party issues and national issues. Lubinda must be stopped from travelling outside the country because he is a traitor. A traitor to who????????????????????? PF or the Zambian people?????????????????????

  4. zero in

    what is good about this good for nothing banda,ha viva lubinda and upnd.

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