Edgar Lungu Mildly Speaks for Lubinda

Edgar LunguPatriotic Front disciplinary committee chairperson Edgar Lungu has advised those calling for tourism minister Given Lubinda to contend their fury.

Lungu becomes only the second senior PF member to mildly speak for Lubinda asking those demanding his expulsion from the party on accusation of working with the opposition and leaking information to the media to calm down.

The calls are sponsored by party general secretary Wynter Kabimba.

PF national youth chairman Chishimba Kabwili was the first senior member to publicly defend Lubinda and asked junior PF members to use the right channel.

Lungu’s committee has however found Lubinda guilty of the allegations and has recommended for his expulsion to the Central Committee.

Lungu claims the PF believes in the rule of law and calling for Lubinda’s resignation will be prejudicial.

The home affairs minister who is also Chawama parliamentarian said the Central Committee was the final organ to determine Lubinda’s fate.

Calls for Lubinda’s expulsion are being propelled by party secretary general Wynter Kabimba in his scheme to eliminate potential threats in the fight for the PF presidency.

PF senior leaders believe President Michael Sata will not seek re-election in 2016 because of poor health and a shadow fight for secession is already underway.

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